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4 Features You Will Find Amazing in the Vingo App

If you have used a fitness app for your workouts you will know the importance of these aids. These are easy to start with and they provide a good support system for your workouts. For instance, Vingo is a versatile app that you can use for both cycling and running. Whether you connect the app with a treadmill or use it along with an exercise bike, you are sure to get the best experience with the app. In this article, let us see the 4 amazing features that will help you in your regular workouts.

Realistic Virtual Workout Arena 

One amazing feature of the app is that it creates a realistic virtual arena in which you can workout. The arena simulates a real world and you will be able to see and experience real life places and physics inside the world. This way, you don;t feel just like playing a computer game. Instead you could feel like actually being inside one. You can even choose the places in which you are going to exercise. You can choose to walk, run or cycle along the beaches or even in icy mountains. Vingo App allows you to exercise even in unconventional places like the icy volcanoes of Iceland.

Availability of Support for a Large Number of Devices

Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you can use the app. Although there are certain delays in the launch of the Android and Mac version of the app, you can soon get these too. As of now the iOS and Windows version of the app are readily available for you to download. So, whether you want to install it on your mobile phone or computer, you can do so. This way, the app provides multi-device support.

Connect in Seconds with Your Exercise Equipment

The app can be quickly and seamlessly connected with other exercise equipment such as treadmills or exercise bikes. So, stop wasting your time in other apps. The usage of in-built connectivity options provides the easiest way to connect your app with the equipment. However, you can also use the ANT+ sensors to create a similar connecting mechanism. Whatever be the way in which you connect the app and the exercise equipment, you will get the same exciting user experience.

One Account with Multiple User Profiles

Another useful feature of the app is that you can use the app for your whole family while only paying for one account. Instead of opening a new account for each one in the family, you can simply create a separate profile instead. You can effectively use as many as 8 profiles under one account. So, if your family is small, then you can use the same account event or your friends. Unlike Netflix there are no limits on password sharing in the app. The best part with the app is that you can use it along with your exercise bike. This cycling app helps you to streamline your cycling workouts and create better physique for yourself.

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