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What Are The Computer Skills That You Should Know?

Almost everyone nowadays owns a computer. Whether that’s a personalized computer (PC), desktop computer, or even a laptop, computers are essentially ubiquitous in every sense of the word. Using one may come as natural to you or as alien to others. Depending on the generation that you are born in, being computer literate may or may not be something that you are. However, the fact remains that everyone should be able to know how to use computers. 

If not for convenience, people learning about computers and having the necessary computer knowledge could protect them from common digital scams and frauds. As such, being computer-savvy might just save you from other unfortunate things. Basic skills such as learning how to wipe a PC, file management, keyboard shortcuts, and more should be learned by everyone. Let’s talk about some of them in definition and importance.

Effective use of keyboards and mouse – It may sound very basic, but there are a lot of things that go with using a keyboard and mouse. These two things are essentially what lets you interact with your computer. Simple navigation using a mouse, right clicks and left clicks, and basic keyboard shortcuts should all be learned by everyone. Relying on your mouse alone could take a lot of time, while not learning keyboard shortcuts may leave you very unproductive. Navigation of a computer is exponentially quickened when you learn how to use different keyboard shortcuts.

Understanding how a computer works – When you understand how something works, learning how to use it is essentially something that naturally follows. What this entails is that acquiring the knowledge and skills of how a computer works will let you use a computer more efficiently. From how hardware works – CPUs, GPUs, keyboards, etc., to how software interacts with each other are all essential knowledge tips that one should know. As an analogy, learning how a puzzle works is the first step to solving the puzzle. Learning how the buttons of a mouse interact with the computer will allow you to be able to use the apparatus to its full extent.

The internet. Perhaps the greatest thing about using a computer is its access to the internet. In other words, the main use of a computer for a lot of us is so that we’d be able to navigate and interact with the internet. The internet is such a vast platform, with everything running essentially through it. Digital shopping, online interactions, business processes, and other collaborations all exist on the internet. If you learn how to use the internet with the computer, then you’d be able to navigate through all of these effectively. You’d also be able to avoid the pitfalls of scams, fraud, and suspicious software. Learning about the internet is a computer skill that would lead you to be more secure for yourself. 

Communication. Owning a computer gives you access to communications on a worldwide scale. Whether that’s from a YouTube comment or a private message to your loved ones, learning how to communicate using your computer gives you a very good advantage when it comes to convenience. Learning about emails, how to write them, and how to avoid spam emails are also some of the things that could be beneficial to learn about. All of these are in the realm of communication, and you should always be adept in this aspect.

File management. As with the skill to organize and declutter your home, you should also learn how to organize and declutter your PC environment. Since the computer gives you access to a digital workspace, you should also learn how to keep that workspace tidy so that navigating through things is easy and efficient. All of these could be greatly improved when you know how to do file management.

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