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Best Type of Online Slots

Slot machines have been around for more than a century. They are the casino industry’s premier money-makers, with high-class venues boasting several thousand on their floors. Concerning this category, Oklahoma’s WinStar World is the undisputed king, housing over eight thousand and five hundred electronic games, most of them reel spinners.

At gaming sites, slots also reign supreme, with most platforms featuring libraries of around a few hundred such games. And at some, this figure surpasses over a thousand. The reason for this is the same as in the land-based sphere. Reel-spinning products are cheap to run, they can get played at fast speeds, and players love them due to their high payouts and simple gameplay.

That said, various sub-genres exist. And before anyone gets serious about playing them, they should check out a guide for real money slot basics, meaning a tutorial that explains essential concepts like variance and return-to-player. The first specifies how often a title produces wins with the expected quantity of the prizes provided. The latter delineates the overall odds in play. Naturally, there are plenty of other aspects to these products. Regarding their diversity, a quick breakdown is delivered below regarding the best options in this internet gambling category. Complete with explanations of some of their and the genre’s general nuances.  

Three-Reel Slots

What are three-reel slots? They are the format that started it all. Even though the original slot-like machine contained five drums, the device that gets credited for kicking things off, the Liberty Bell, featured three reels and one row. The fun88 layout was the sector standard for decades. As virtually all reel spinners from the 1950s until the 1990s implemented this grid setup. To win a prize, a player must line up three identical symbols on a game’s middle row. It is from this simplicity that three-reel choices derive their popularity.

3D Titles

Online slots debuted in 1996, and for the first ten years or so of their existence, they incorporated 2D graphics and looked super similar to Flash games of the early 2000s. They also used this same technology. At the start of the 2010s, spinners with 3D character models started to become a thing, with Malta’s Betsoft dominating this section of the online gambling landscape. Many of this company’s titles still top most-played lists, chiefly riding on their visual appeal.

Low Variance Spinners

Low variance slots are some of the best picks for gamblers looking to stay ahead of their chosen operator. That is so because while these games will not make anyone rich, they supply steady streams of wins that produce the best chances of players staying out of the red and laying firm in the black.

Adjustable Payline One-Armed Bandits

It is common for reel-spinning products to have a fixed number of paylines, but some allow the flexibility of gamblers to lower their bet sizes by opting to bet a lower figure of active betways. These slots get referred to as ones with adjustable paylines and are the perfect selection for low rollers.

Above Average RTP Games

Going by most statistics, the average return-to-player percentage for online slots is around 96%. Any reel spinner with an RTP setting above this percentage gets considered an above-average RTP slot. Though because they offer decent long-term winning odds, these usually get paired with a medium to lower variance math model. So, they are unlikely to create massive wins.

Progressive Monsters

Jackpot is a term that people use to describe a mega reward. Two types of such prizes are available. Fixed and progressives. The latter is where a pot keeps swelling from losing bets until one lucky gambler hits a winning combo that lets him snatch the entire collected betting pool. Such slots can create wins that amount to several hundred thousand dollars, if not a figure over a million. RTG’s Aztecs Millions is one such game. 

Feature-Rich Products

Free spin rounds are unique modes activated through base gameplay, often via landing three or more scatters, that provide complimentary reel rotations to gamblers. These rounds can get reactivated and go on indefinitely. Yet, despite this, they get seen as par the course, and feature-rich slots are those with extra modes outside of them that bring novel ways of snagging rewards in a game sans its elementary gameplay.

Ones With Modifying Layouts

Not all slots have the same grid layout in the base game and extra features. Moreover, some even incorporate mechanics where the number of symbol positions on a reel change on every spin. These games have a higher level of complexity than 3×3 and 5×3 games, and they are likely to have thousands of active paylines, whose number can differ on any given reel rotation. They are plenty of fun and super thrilling to play.

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