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World Cup Final is the Second-most Wagered Sporting Event by Americans in 2022

The recently concluded FIFA World Cup brought great success to US sportsbooks. A report by GeoComply shows bettors in the US embraced the event making it the second most wagered sports event in 2022. The Argentina versus France game attracted the highest number of bets. The total bet was, however, a distance behind the bets placed during the 2022 Super Bowl event that saw Cincinnati Bengals play against Los Angeles Rams. 

New Jersey sportsbooks offered some of the best odds

New Jersey sportsbooks were ready to receive a boost from the FIFA World Cup 2022. Some of them issued -110 odds for France and Argentina with an implied probability of 52.38%. For sports fans in New Jersey, the event was a rare opportunity to take advantage of. If you are located in NJ, you can download a betting app or visit a land-based casino to place bets.

7.9 million Geolocation transactions were recorded during Argentina and France match

GeoComply released a report that confirmed the landslide success recorded by US sportsbooks. The report shows there were 7.9 million geolocation transactions made by individuals across the US. Americans proved wrong the myth that they do not give much attention to soccer. 

The same report shows that the only other event that received a high number of transactions on sportsbooks was Super Bowl 2022. GeoComply reported the event recorded 23.5 million geolocation transactions. 

The other events that were highly wagered in 2022 were NCAA Men’s Basketball Final and the NBA Finals, which made 4.8 million and 5.1 million geolocation transactions, respectively. Argentina’s victory in Qatar also meant victory for bettors who had placed bets in favor of the team. 

The first widespread sports bettors outside Nevada

The 2022 World Cup event took place at a time when most U.S. states had legalized sports betting. The US Supreme Court had just made the historical ruling when the previous World Cup was held in 2018. That meant sports bettors in the country had to rely on Nevada to bet on their favorite teams. The 2022 event was different because there were smart casino gamers widespread in multiple locations across the states. Over 30 states offered at least one legal sportsbook to US residents. 

Soccer psyche is growing among Americans, especially the younger generation. The availability of more sportsbooks has increased interest in soccer action. The US,  Canadian, and Mexican national teams have also improved and attracted more fans. The three countries will co-host the 2026 World Cup, and it is expected that California, Florida, and Texas will have legal sportsbooks by then. The 3 states will be among 16 cities that will host the 2026 global event. 25% of Americans live in the three states. 

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